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Intuitive Quilting

New Brunswick College of Craft & Design
457 Queen Street
Fredericton, NB

edVentures Workshop

This workshop is for anyone - the seasoned quilter wanting to look at piecing in a new light, the beginner who's always been intimidated by the precision of traditional quilting methods, and everyone in between. 

We're going to get rid of the rulers and loosen up: using measuring-free ways of cutting and piecing together traditional and modern quilt patterns, building on each one spontaneously and picking colours intuitively. 

You'll come away with a new way to look at quilting and problem solving. 

Depending on individual speed, participants will take home samples or even the beginnings of a quilt top or wall hanging. 

Participants should bring a selection of fabrics that work together, thread and sewing tools, a working sewing machine that they are comfortable with.

If needed, arrangements can be made ahead of time for a limited number of participants to borrow a sewing machine.

Questions about our edVentures Fredericton workshops? Please contact us and visit our FAQ section.

Jul 19 - 21, 2019
9:00AM - 4:00PM
$199 +tax