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New Brunswick College of Craft & Design
457 Queen Street
Fredericton, NB

edVentures Workshop
Picture Frame Weaving

Participants will learn to weave a small weaving on a small frame that they will then be able to use as a decorative hanging.

Each participant will receive one frame and yarn to complete the project.

A selection of yarns, fibres and other materials will be available for participants to use.

Karen LeBlanc
Owner of Loominations Studio and Gallery, Karen started weaving as a child on a backstrap loom.

She attended the NB Craft School and completed a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Education as a single mother and mature student.

As a weaver for over 40 years, Karen’s creative designs and products evolve from her tactile love of texture, colour, fibre and patterns.

Jul 8, 2018
9:00AM - 4:00PM
Workshop & materials fee: $89 + tax